Upcoming Coffee Shop in John Marshall High School

       A new business is opening up in John Marshall High School. Ninth and tenth grade students of the Civic and Business Leadership Academy will be working in it. This coffee shop will be open to students, staff, and eventually the community. This will be a great opportunity for the students, school and community. Hopefully this business will become a success too.

       Ms. Kidner, Principal of the Civic and Business Leadership School, was the one to come up with the idea of a coffee shop, because she loves coffee. I mean who doesn’t? Coffee is a great drink, especially in the morning. Why not have a cup of coffee in the evening too? Especially in the winter when it is getting cold.

        Students that are working in the coffee shop will be visiting one of Rising Star Coffee Shops in January, just to give the students a tour and learn more about the coffee making process. “I am confident that the students, with the help of Rising Star, will do a wonderful job with this new business venture,” says Ms. Mason, who is in charge of the coffee shop. This will be a great and fun experience for the students. It also may be challenging as Ms. Mason says “Everyone working well together is key; being able to support one another, keeping a positive attitude and pulling the weight when needed will keep this business afloat.”

        Rising Star Coffee Shop has partnered with the John Marshall High School of Civic and Business Leadership to assist in the development of Lawyers Cafe. The cafe business teams consist of marketing, research and development, finance/inventory and customer service. Each student that was interviewed got hired, so everyone could have the experience to work in the shop.

       Overall this coffee shop is a great experience for the students and hopefully will become a success. It is important for everyone to work hard as a team. Also, students need to remember to never give up. Students that are working will have a lot of responsibility, but all this hard work will be worth it in the end.


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