Rising Star Coffee

The experts at Rising Star Coffee have played a critical role in the planning and implementation of the Lawyers Cafe. From customer service training and coffee bean education to consulting and planning, they have served as a valuable Lawyers Cafe resource! We are proud to have Rising Star in our corner!

So who is Rising Star exactly? Where did they come from? Why are they so awesome? Well, let us formally introduce to you our wonderful partner and coffee constituent, Rising Star Coffee…

Who:  Rising Star Coffee is a Cleveland Ohio based Coffee Roaster.  They roast in small batches (10 pounds or less) and source coffee directly from farmers around the globe.  They roast their coffee to preserve the unique character of each farmers crop.

When: Rising Star was started by Kim Jenkins, a retired rocket scientist, who had been roasting coffee as a hobby for over 15 years.  In 2011 Rising Star established roots in Cleveland’s Ohio City neighborhood, and opened their first cafe, establishing themselves as the first coffee roaster in Cleveland Ohio to focus on light roasted coffee, progressive espresso brewing, and manual drip brew methods.

Where:  Rising Star currently has 3 retail locations, all within the city of Cleveland.  The og shop is at 1455 West 29th Street in Ohio City (or Hingetown if you prefer).  Their second retail shop is located in Little Italy, just up the street from University Hospital and Case Western Reserve University, at 2187 Murray Hill Road.  Finally, their third location just opened this winter at 412 Superior Avenue inside the Old Arcade and serving Downtown.  

What:  Coffee.  Rising Star roasts and serves coffee sourced directly from farmers all over the world.  Rising Star values sweetness and character in their coffee, and roasts light to bring out and highlight the unique flavors of all the coffees they roast.  In their cafes, Rising Star focuses on brewing coffee to highlight flavor and sweetness.  

Why: The people.  Rising Star was started by folks who value relationships and wanted to use coffee to highlight the work of farmers the world over.  By ensuring that the choices farmers make are reflected in the cups of coffee they serve, Rising Star seeks to forge connections between consumers and producers that are too often obscured and hampered by traditional industrial coffee roasters.  
How: To accomplish this, Rising Star Coffee seeks out the very best coffee directly from farmers, works with importers to bring the coffee into the United States, roasts in small batches and cups coffee daily to ensure the highest quality beverage, and brews the coffee to the highest standards possible in our cafes.  In addition, we work with some of the best coffee shops and restaurants in the region by selling them our coffee wholesale and helping them serve high quality coffee through training and technical support.