As we all know, Valentine’s Day is a very special day. So, the Lawyer’s Cafe is having a One Day Deal. On Valentine’s Day, you can buy one drink and get another one for free ! Don’t miss out on this great offer. In the meantime, “Cook the bean, top it with cream!” .

  Hello to all John Marshall Lawyer’s Cafe Blog readers. For the month of January, we have a special deal available to all staff and students of John Marshall High School, or any other customer of the coffee shop. If you complete and return a customer service survey for the Cafe, you get a coupon… Continue reading

We are so happy to be back to school. I hope you’ve enjoyed your break as much as we did. We are glad to welcome the new staff members to the team. As said before, this week the Lawyers Cafe has not been open due to the fact that we are training the new members… Continue reading

So just to catch you guys up on a few things, the Lawyer’s Cafe is hiring new staff members for extra assistance and to give other JMHSCBL students a work experience opportunity. This Tuesday afterschool, we held interviews for the new people that applied for the open positions and we have a lot of lucky… Continue reading

Attention! Attention! The Lawyer’s Cafe Special for December 2016 is that if you order a drink and tell  us the Lawyer’s Café slogan correctly, you get $0.50 off of your bill. Take advantage of this deal now before it’s too late! SPOILER ALERT: The Café’s slogan is “Cook the bean, top it with cream!” .

If you weren’t here for the lawyers Cafe Launch Event , then you definitely missed out. If you didn’t know this event was to introduce the Cafe to the community and give information and background about it. As described in the previous post, the Cafe was open with everything half off. For our guests, we had… Continue reading